Our goal is to provide exceptional quality and cost effectiveness on each mandate





Hiring Phase: This is the time when the client has determined the candidate to whom they would like to make an offer. TNT SEARCH GROUP consultants can assist by conducting reference checks, with a focus on any critical issues that relate to the job itself or to potential cultural “fit” with the client company. We work closely with the client to craft an offer that the candidate will find enticing and that fits within the compensation parameters the client has established for the position. TNT SEARCH GROUP works with the candidate to resolve any outstanding issues in order for the client to be in a position to make an offer, which the candidate is ready to accept. Finally our consultants will assist the selected candidate in the resignation process and relocation if required. The entire process is professionally managed to ensure a smooth transition for both client and candidate.

Our Search Process

Consultants at TNT SEARCH GROUP follow a consistent Methodology to ensure the most effective process

Information Phase: Each search assignment begins with a discussion on the nature of the position and candidate profile. The client's history, culture and business functions are also reviewed to further define the best candidate profile. TNT SEARCH GROUP has been consistently successful in finding excellent candidates because we take the time to craft a "compelling proposal" that effectively describes the reasons why candidates will find your company to be an excellent employer regardless of perceived obstacles. 

Recruitment Phase: TNT SEARCH GROUP is distinguished by a unique research-driven search methodology. Our industry and candidate information is constantly maintained and updated. As a result, our clients are provided with consultants who have first hand industry specific market intelligence at their disposal. During this phase, we are contacting candidates and sources, screening as many qualified people as possible. Within the first few days, we are ready to present a first candidate. This is someone who matches well with the selection criteria. It is an opportunity for the client to see if what they established as the hiring criteria is still appropriate, now that they have a “live” candidate to interview. If there are modifications to be made to the selection criteria, they are made at this time. Subsequent to the first candidate presentation, we continue interviewing and bring forward several more candidates for the client to interview. Candidates are selected based on their ability to succeed in the available position and within the culture of the client organization. At the conclusion of the interviewing, a decision is made regarding the top candidate.